Abubakr Aslam - The Kiss in Sport

The kiss in sport can be used to represent emotions; it can also trigger a response. This exhibit references a particular incident - the moment Wayne Rooney kisses his Man Utd shirt badge in front of his former team Everton’s fans.

Damian Nagrabski - Shapes of ‘The Kiss’ in Video Games

Kissing in video games has been present for many years evolving from a small action within a scene which nevertheless can convey significant narrative meaning to empowering the player with the responsibility of deciding if the kiss is going to happen and in some games to even influence the outcome of the storyline.


Lisa J Wilson - I Want to Kiss

This participatory project explores the humble kiss, encourages us to think about kissing for kissing’s sake and offers people a new way to engage, connect and reflect, however playful or poignant.

The project asks people to socially share their personal kiss wish. Twitter and Facebook users are invited to complete the statement however they like, via tweet, comment or private message. The final exhibition piece features a projection of all responses, displayed as a live interactive gallery page on Instagram.

How would you complete the statement, I want to kiss… ?

Kiayes Uddin - The Kiss in Bollywood Film Posters

The work re-presents research into the importance of the kiss in Bollywood. The Posters depict actors and actresses engaging in or about to engage in a passionate kiss. A common factor in most Bollywood films is the theme of romance, which plays with the viewer’s emotions and which many audiences can empathise with.

Sukhjinder Singh - The Transfused Kiss

The “Kiss” has been a theme of many songs over the years and here I am showcasing a medley of songs using lyrics associated directly with the “kiss” or the act of “kissing”.

The exhibit uses songs from the 60’s and 70’s including artists such as Elvis Presley, The Supremes, Ray Charles and The Beatles, to name a few. The specific lyrics have been extracted from songs and brought together and composited on vinyl.

Rimanpreet Sandhu - International Kiss

A kiss is something anyone can understand communicating more meaning than simply words alone can. It can convey emotion, from wanting someone to simply greeting someone; wether its our ‘first kiss’ or kissing a new born baby the kiss is an important part of our life experience; both of the above circumstances are very different but they both use a kiss to express the emotion felt in that moment.

Rebecca Rudge - Kiss in Song Lyrics

Music often uses references to a kiss to convey the start of a journey of love between two people; In some senses there is a suggestion that a feeling of affection towards a special someone is not official until its been ‘sealed with a kiss’. A kiss is such a universal thing that every person can relate to, hence the reason why we can sometimes get lost in a daydream when we hear song lyrics about a kiss; it can capture something that we all have the capacity to feel deep inside.